Miami Modern Interior – Fisher Island Residence

Prestige, luxury and style define this incredible Fisher Island residence, located just off the coast of Miami.  Pepe Calderin Design brought intense color, artistic interior architectural details, and a whole lot of drama to this traditional floor plan.  The unbelievable fireplace is a masterful focal point, and along with the red glass wall accents, ceiling details and space planning, luxury and style find a whole new and bold definition.

From the photographer’s perspective, one of our strategies was to focus on the architectural elements, and create clean, crisp lines with my compositions.  I always try to let the design speak clearly and shape the images I create.  In this case, where there were challenges, there were also wonderful photographic opportunities.  Take a close look at the fireplace in the living room, and the gorgeous tile work in the bath.  Very tough to shoot… but still, yielding some pretty gorgeous results for us.  We had two days to shoot this residence, and working with Pepe, as always, was amazing.

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Luxury Real Estate Photography – Miami Interior Design in New York

Boasting some of the most exquisite and sought-after views in New York City, this elegant Manhattan high rise apartment blends contemporary and traditional with bold art and clean architectural lines.  When facing the challenge of shooting this incredible home in the sky, I focused on the relationship between the warmth of the interior spaces set against the unparalleled views offered by the proximity to Central Park from atop one of the city’s highest residential skyscrapers.

One of Miami’s most prestigious interior design firms brought my team to N.Y. for a two-day shoot.  Day one was fraught with overcast skies and we truly had to be strategic when deciding which views would need to be saved for our second day, and which we could make work considering our rather tight schedule.  The combination of the location, the furnishings and the art, I believe, made this assignment one of the highlights of our year.  Truly exemplifying the best of luxury real estate photography.

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Miami Interior Photography | Ivette Arango Creates Beauty on a Massive Scale

I had the amazing opportunity to photograph an incredible private estate in Coral Gables, Florida.  At over 40,000 square feet, this is certainly one of the largest residences we have ever photographed.  Particularly challenging because of its scale and our limited access to the property, we created 40 images over the two-day shoot for our client.

For a project of this size, and with only two days to shoot, I needed to develop a shooting and working method which was efficient in terms of my approach to lighting and composition.  Bold washes of light and utilization of the designer’s built-in lighting design were balanced with the natural ambiance of the south Florida late afternoon for most of our interior images.  Where and when I could, I used smaller, focused lighting instruments to highlight architectural and decorative elements, such as in the dining room, as well as the grand foyer.  Look at the ceiling above the iron chandelier in the foyer, as well as the wood detail in the dining table for examples of this approach.  For our hallway shots, most of the light is natural as it softly accents the incredibly theatrical light thrown from the chandeliers to the ceiling.  Our exterior photographs were all about the architecture, sculpture and unbelievable sense of space this property affords.  Crisp, Florida sunlight brought out the lush greens and warm hues of the stonework.

Dramatic images for an architectural photographer are often created with the tools of our trade… finding the harmony between design, form and the 3-dimensional space within a camera frame, and creating drama with strobe units and accent lights.  That is generally my shooting philosophy.  However, in this case, I will humbly say, it was all about the subject.  This assignment illustrates what good design can do for photography, and not the other way ’round.

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Miami Interior Design Photography – Architecture and Interiors Create Inviting Style

Miami is known for its beaches, but its incredible skyline offers an eclectic mix of modernism and historical art deco style.  This photographic assignment was really a treat for us, as we were asked to shoot a range of truly beautiful and modern interiors.  Viscayne Towers overlooks a glistening and moonlit Biscayne Bay, and my goal for the images was to showcase the warm, elegant urban lifestyle of the interiors with downtown Miami as its backdrop.  This slideshow features some of my favorite daytime, and evening views of this chic high rise condominium.

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