Youtube. It’s not just for singers anymore.

After many years as a filmmaker, videographer and cinematographer, I have recently thought it both strategic professionally and satisfying artistically to begin documenting my photographic assignments with motion pictures.  Youtube is something with which I am extremely familiar.  As a very proud dad, I have posted video after video of my children, Holland and Adrian.  These two have kept me extraordinarily busy over the years, and it has been with great pleasure that I shared clips of their musical performances.

Here’s a great example of a collaborative effort between us.  That’s my son on the bass, and my daughter singing the blues:


It was a very hot and steamy south florida evening, and the stage was set.  That wonderful jazz quartet backing her up are my son and his talented friends.  Those five performers have a total of no less than 60 years performing between them if you can believe it!  My girl, Holland, is studying musical theatre at the prestigious University of Michigan.  GO BLUE!  My son is currently on a quest to improve the world at MIT.  GO ENGINEERS!

We shot this movie in less than one hour and had an amazing time.  Incorporating the Canon 5D Mark II, we set up a handful of my old Mole Richardson tungsten lighting instruments in a dark jazz club in Fort Lauderdale.  The dichotomy of these young musicians in this old club just seemed to fit a black and white look and the Canon handled it marvelously.  I have been so incredibly impressed, as a cinematographer educated and trained shooting film, with just how clean and beautiful this format is.  It is with the Canon 5D Mark II that I have been shooting various motion picture projects and the format seems a perfect fit for internet broadcast.

As one can clearly see, I have very strong justification for my tendency to focus most of my energies on my children, on Youtube and elsewhere!  Alas, it seemed more than strategic and satisfying to put myself and my photography up on the small screen to share my work with the internet community.  So, for now, I simply have portfolio montages uploaded for all who are interested in the work we do on a day in and day out basis.  Forthcoming, I promise, several unique incarnations of sight and sound which will highlight a behind the scenes look at our work, our shooting methods, and how I create my architectural photography.

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