Interior Construction – Grossman Photography Puts Miami High Rise Office on Display

This Miami architectural interior design installation houses the headquarters of one largest law firms in the world.  We were commissioned to photograph the 130,000 square foot interior by Michael Considine who began the project in 2008.  Mr. Considine and his team achieved the client’s goals and set a new standard for the firm by creating a flexible, collaborative space for the attorneys and support staff.  The conference center, collaboration hubs, team areas, café, and five story connecting stair create environments where attorneys, staff and clients can interact.  To further enhance the idea of connecting people, extensive use of glass was employed throughout.  This strategy allowed natural as well as interior lighting to permeate the spaces. Sustainability was also a driving factor in the project.  The entire building as well as the law firm was designed to LEED Silver standards, further enhancing the quality of the interior environment and contributing to Greenberg Traurig’s firm-wide goal of environmental stewardship.

My approach as an architectural photographer allows the overall design to remain the primary focus of the photography, and in so doing, my work is shaped by the concept of the subject, not solely its line, its color and form.  This philosophy encourages me to create images which reflect the style of my clients and their unique vision for each assignment.

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