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Barry is a professional architectural and interior design photographer based in South Florida.
As a professional photographer with over 30 years experience in South Florida, Barry works closely with architects, interior designers, public relations firms and advertising agencies. Barry’s photography assignments have taken his creative team from Florida to New York, from Las Vegas to the Bahamas, from Atlanta to Cancun.  Barry’s images are consistently published, and his clients are seen internationally in books, trade publications and magazines including Architectural Digest, Florida Architecture, Florida Design, Luxe, and Miami Design among many others.

As a professional photographer, Barry brings to his work a unique background in motion picture cinematography, achieving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film Production from Syracuse University, and furthering his education and photographic exploration at New York University’s Graduate Film & Television masters program.  With full control of modern imaging techniques, Barry fully explores architectural photography using today’s most advanced tools, including state of the art digital cameras and photo enhancement software.
Barry’s goal is to create images that are dynamic and memorable, delivering exceptional, effective professional photography time and time again.

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